Rebecca Ferguson Is Still 'Patting Herself On The Shoulder' For Performing Her Own Stunts In 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation'

The Swedish actress underwent a month of training to prepare herself for the daring moves

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Look out Tom Cruise, because Rebecca Ferguson is ready to jump into action.

There’s no denying that Cruise is the master of all stunts. The 53-year-old fearless actor is notoriously known for attempting some Hollywood’s most dangerous moves – like hanging off the side of an airplane or holding his breathe for 6 minutes at a time – but his Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation costar wasn’t going to let him steal the spotlight.

“I did most of my own stunts,” Ferguson told PEOPLE. “I thought, I just want to try and see if I can push through this boundary of fear.”

The 31-year-old Swedish actress – who plays the mysterious operative Isla Faust – watched closely as Cruise, 53, suited up for his own daring stunts, taking notes on how he prepared for each scene and any tricks she could learn from the pro.

“He s done this for so long, I studied everything he did and how he checked his equipment,” she told PEOPLE. “He makes sure he s safe and that everyone else is safe. You can see that this is a man who has done stunts many years.”

Prior to filming, Ferguson underwent a month of rigorous training to prepare for the role. Her five-hours-a-day and six-days-a week-workout included Pilates, running and sprinting to get her body in the shape needed to endure the various high-action scenes. She also had to learn specialized choreography for the different fight sequences and in depth weapon training.

She gained the confidence needed to push her mind and body to places she never thought were possible. “I had vertigo and I did a 120-foot free fall,” she said. “I’m still patting myself on the shoulder for that one.”

But even with all the practice, there were still some stunts Ferguson thought she better leave to the more experienced daredevils, like Cruise. “The man is on a wing of a plane. I m watching him from the ground drinking coffee doing a thumbs up going, ‘brilliant, you crazy man.'”

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