The "Friday" singer loves musical theater, Selena Gomez – and spelling bees

By Rennie Dyball
March 25, 2011 03:05 PM
Alison Dyer

Given that today is Friday, (Friday, gotta get down on Friday), you’ve likely got Rebecca Black on the brain.

After all, her viral video named for the end of the workweek has amassed a stunning 47 million views – and counting. She’s been slammed and cyber-bullied worldwide, and gained more positive attention from the likes of Simon Cowell and Jay Leno.

But what do you really know about the 13-year-old with the catchiest song on the planet?

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1. She’s into musical theater
Sure, she’s got that pop song and all, but Black (who’s taken four years of voice lessons and hopes to land a record deal) is also taking center stage at her middle school. “I got the lead this year for Oklahoma!” the eighth-grader tells PEOPLE. “I’ve always been in our school’s shows, ever since first grade.”

2. Her bedroom is Bieber-ed out
“I am so dorky when it comes to Justin Bieber,” she admits. “I have a little mini shrine in my room.” Should the Biebs (who has Tweeted about “Friday”) invite her to collaborate, “I would scream at the top of my lungs and possibly not be able to sing again,” she says with a laugh.

3. She’s s-m-a-r-t
In addition to singing, “She’s also an honors student,” says Black’s mother, Georgina Kelly, who admits that her daughter’s vocabulary has left her searching for a dictionary. “She’s won spelling bees … she’s a smart cookie.”

4. She digs Selena Gomez
“I totally admire her,” says Black. “I think it’s awesome that she hasn’t taken that downward spiral that other child stars have taken. And I really love Katy Perry, too.”

5. Those are her real friends in the video
When Ark Music Factory set up the video shoot for “Friday,” they gave Black the option of including her friends, and she agreed. So now, a whole pack of kids from southern California are famous along with her. Not that any of them expected to be. “Last Christmas there was a group of people whose [YouTube] video hit 100,000 views, and I thought, ‘Wow, how incredible is that?’ ” recalls Kelly. “It made the news!” Of course, her own daughter has now surpassed that mark – 470 times over. “This,” adds Black, “is the last thing I thought would happen.”

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