As if you didn't already know

By Lydia Price
August 09, 2015 10:15 AM
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

In life, some things are harder than others. For example: getting work done when cat videos exist, not eating chocolate cake for breakfast … trying to pick out only 30 things we love about Anna Kendrick.

But as difficult as the latter might be, we decided to roll up our sleeves (translation: alternate between re-watching Pitch Perfect and trolling her Twitter for hours) in honor of Kendrick’s 30th birthday on Sunday.

Somehow, we narrowed it down to just 30 reasons. Basically, we totally earned a slice of birthday cake.

1. She brought swag to her lip sync battle.

2. She tells it like it is, always.

3. She asks the tough questions.

4. She loves her costars.

5. Like, really loves them.

6. One word: cups.

7. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

8. She’s really good at flirting.

9. Just a world class seductress, some would say.

10. But she’s even better at expressing her emotions.

11. She gives us offers we can’t refuse.

12. She can gracefully recover from an accidental f-bomb.

13. She shares our interests.

14. She knows her limitations.

15. She gives us celebration goals.

16. Her laugh makes us laugh.

17. She can do this.

18. She taught us how to get through the work day.

19. She’ll just say no.

20. She isn’t easily impressed.

21. Her confidence is just the best thing ever.

22. But she gets nervous just like us.

23. She knows when to get serious.

24. She’s humble.

25. And that blows our mind because she is such a babe.

26. She looks on the bright side.

27. She looks AMAZING in a onesie.

28. She knows when to be afraid.

29. She could be mistaken for a panda.

30. Seriously – she’s just the cutest and the funniest and the best-est.

Happy Birthday, Anna!