Ever been thrown off by a former avid texting-mate who suddenly went Casper on you? You're not alone.

May 01, 2018 01:18 PM

Ever been thrown off by a former avid texting-mate who suddenly went Casper on you? You’re not alone.

Recently, it became known that Miranda Lambert’s new boyfriend Evan Felker was married when he and the country crooner began texting after learning Felker’s band would open up for the superstar. Shortly after their relationship turned romantic, Felker blindsided his estranged wife Staci Nelson with his sudden divorce filing in February 2018. And then, silence.

A bevy of Redditors recently revealed why they stopped talking to a romantic interest after talking to them all day, every day, and the various responses prove that ghosting is all too common.

1. “Because I started getting one word answers instead of paragraphs.”

2. “He sent a d— pic.”


3. “I don’t like the pity party thing. I know everyone needs some type of comfort and such, but every conversation was just so negative. ‘I’m so ugly. ‘No, you aren’t.’ ‘Yeah, I am. Stop lying.’ ‘I’m serious.’ ‘I shouldn’t believe you, but okay.’ Okay, f— it, then.”

4. “It’s usually either because they are excruciatingly boring (‘wut u up 2?’ ‘nm jus chillin’) or are being overly sexual/inappropriate. One guy actually asked me if I wanted a d— pic. I said no and he STILL sent one after! And it was nothing stellar, either, so I don’t understand the uncontrollable urge to share.”

5. “I felt a sudden change of tone in his texts, like he’d send one word replies instead of the usual sentences or his voice sounded uninterested with what I was saying. If you’re not interested then I won’t waste both our time.”


6. “I was always the one who was initiating conversations. I stopped initiating the conversations to see if she would and she never did, so I figure she just didn’t care about me and I should just stop trying.”

7. “Turns out I wasn’t talking to her, I was just talking to her bank of emojis.”

8. “I had a crush on a guy in high school. We’d stay up super late chatting on Facebook messenger, texting, etc. Even hung out a few times, got coffee, saw a movie. Had all kinds of in-depth conversations.

“Despite all of that he would never acknowledge my existence at school. I would walk by and say ‘hi’ and he’d ignore me in front of his (somewhat ‘cool’) friends and then pretend later on that it never happened like that. It got to be too sad for me to be treated like that so I stopped talking to him altogether.”

9. “I was the only one holding up the conversation. Sure he’d answer my questions, but he’d never ask me anything.”


10. “He asked if I wanted to play Truth or Dare and 20 Questions.”

11. “She was only interested in talking about herself. Not even interesting things about herself, just how much she hated her job and how much school stressed her out.”

12. “Texting her began to feel like a chore.”

13. “She told me she wanted to be friends. She still wanted us to talk flirty because it’s fun. I just said f— that.”


14. “She was slightly involved with a guy that didn’t want to talk to or see her. I’m no match for that kind of game playing, so I dropped her.”

15. “I don’t get a text back for hours, but anytime we hang out the girl’s eyes are glued to her phone.”

16. “She literally started to reply with ‘haha, lol, nice, cool, ok, k’ only.”


17. “For guys, texting is playing catch, I expect the other to throw the ball back in an equal-but-opposite capacity.

“If I’m playing catch with someone and they consistently turn the other direction and throw it into the woods, or call their girlfriends once they have it and run away, I’m gonna find someone else to play catch with.”

18. “I started getting too attached and was not getting the same feelings back. Easier to cut it off then to just ignore it.”


19. “I don’t want to constantly have conversations via text. If we’re going to have that much communication I would prefer to spend time in person with her.”

20. “He started being creepy and even though I made it clear I wasn’t interested, he kept calling me pretty and flirting with me. I get that the ‘pretty’ thing is just a compliment, but it was so often I felt uncomfortable.”

21. “He would just talk about himself all the time. But when I wanted to say something about myself he would just reply with one word or change the subject completely. I even pointed it out to him and he changed for a few days and then it went back to being the same. After a while I just got fed up and stopped texting him.”

Answers have been edited from Reddit for length and clarity.

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