January 14, 2015 05:20 PM

If you’re going to pick an animated character to imitate, you could do a lot worse than Family Guy‘s Peter Griffin. For one thing, he’s human. For another, he’s not yellow, or bald, like Homer Simpson.

So Robert Franzese’s dedication to mimicking Peter Griffin makes sense. But that doesn’t make his uncanny impression any less impressive. Franzese is an inspiring voice actor and cosplayer who’s the focus of Boom! Big Pants‘s short film, Real Life Peter Griffin Goes to NYCC 2014. (The title’s a little on the nose, but it works.)

The 26-year-old Franzese hails from Deer Park, Long Island in New York. You can find him on both Facebook and YouTube, where he also cosplays as 1980s-era professional wrestler Sgt. Slaughter. While demand for Griffin is probably higher, it’s good to have an alternate act that also capitalizes on Millennial nostalgia.

Franzese appears at comic conventions across the country – check his Facebook page for updates, and keep up with Boom! Big Pants’s YouTube channel – they’ve promised more videos of his act to come. (They’re also on Facebook and Twitter.)

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