Hoverboards are here, a year earlier than Back to the Future promised

By Nate Jones
Updated June 16, 2014 02:40 PM

Finally, we have an answer to the immortal, Back to the Future-inspired question, "Where are our hoverboards?"

The hoverboards, it turns out, are in Cancén.

Way back in 2011, French inventor Franky Zapata introduced the Flyboard, a water-powered jetpack that let its users float around the sky like Tony Stark.

Now, with Zapata’s latest project, they can also emulate Marty McFly.

As seen in the latest video by YouTube adventurer Devin Graham, sponsored by Zapata’s company Rocky Mountain Flyboard, hoverboard riders cruise over the Mexican coast like something out of a sci-fi adventure, pulling off incredible mid-air stunts that leave a beautiful stream of water trailing behind them. (Not seen in the video, the jet ski that’s attached at the end of that long hose.)

If you can’t wait for these hoverboards to trickle down to the mass market, don’t worry: A starter kit is available today for the low, low price of $5,850.

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