In honor of Father's Day, meet five guys whose viral stories touched their kids – and you

By Alison Schwartz
Updated May 22, 2013 05:10 PM

And you thought the Internet was all about cats.

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re highlighting five real-life dads who took their parenting skills from their own homes to homepages all around the web. These guys gave you pause, made you smile and made us all feel that much better about our day.

1. The ‘Sexy’ Dad

How viral? 1,973,190 views on YouTube
He’s father of the year – and he knows it! Utah dad Chad Morton joined forces with his wife, Angela, and five children to cover LMFAO’s dance jam “Sexy and I Know It.” In their LMDO (laughing my diaper off, that is!) parody, titled “I’m a Daddy and I Know It,” Morton incorporates his little ones into his workout, juggles diapers and shows off his decidedly sexy clean-up routine.

“It was just to get a laugh out of our families for Christmas,” Angela tells PEOPLE of their viral video, which was posted in December. “It took a few weeks to film since the babies don’t have the longest attention span and would start to get cranky.”

2. The Dad Who Taught Tolerance with a Princess Movie

How viral?

19,837 up votes on Reddit
It was a fairy tale for the digital age after the story of a boy named Sam went viral on Reddit in April based on his dad’s Facebook post. When the son wanted Sofia the First on DVD, his dad refused on the basis that they already own enough movies. But when someone else in the checkout line commented that he shouldn’t want to watch a princess movie because it will “make him funny” and “like other boys,” Sam’s dad fired back. “I’d love him just as much,” he said, according to his Facebook post. “And he’d probably smell better as a teenager.”

Another woman in line gave Sam’s dad the ultimate father of the year prize: She bought his son the DVD, saying, “You just made my day.”

3. The Dad Who Took on Victoria’s Secret

How viral?

3,869,313 hits on WordPress
When Evan Dolive, a reverend from Houston heard about Victoria’s Secret’s Bright Young Things collection, he wasn’t exactly running to the mall. Based on observations of the collection – which ranged from polka-dotted hipsters screen-printed with the phrase “Feeling Lucky?” to thongs emblazoned with the words “Call me” on the front – he was worried the iconically sexy retailer was targeting middle school-aged girls. And so he thought of his daughter, a 3-year-old who loves princesses, peanut butter and jelly and drawing pictures for people.

“I want my daughter (and every girl) to be faced with tough decisions in her formative years of adolescence,” he wrote in a March letter on his blog. “Decisions like should I be a doctor or a lawyer? Should I take calculus as a junior or a senior? … I want my daughter to know that she is perfect the way she is; I want my daughter to know that no matter what underwear she is wearing, it does not define her.”

4. The Superhero Dad

How Viral?

58,416 up votes on Reddit
It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Nope, it’s a dad snapped in January rocking a cape with his son at a Toronto Home Depot.

The 3-year-old boy wears his cape “almost 100 percent of the time when we’re at home,” the mom told CTV News, but his father didn’t get his matching gear until the boy asked, “Daddy, where’s your cape?”

Now that little “F” has a partner in crime-fighting, he remarked, “I’m a little superhero, and you’re a big superhero.”

Fittingly, they’re keeping their true identities top secret.

5. The Dad Who Stood Up to Bullies

How viral?

466,821 likes and 475,656 shares on Facebook
After Kaukauna, Wis., dad Matthew Bent found out someone at school body-slammed his son, sixth grader Shiloh, three times, he fought back – without violence. “Bullying needs to stop NOW,” he wrote on a sign he held up with his son in the March Facebook post.

“It’s lessened the bullying in my school,” Shiloh later told Today. Added his dad: “I wanted him to remember that I was always standing behind him.”