Real Heroes: See Who Inspires You

Soldiers. Firefighters. And some really brave kids. Meet the people who changed these readers' lives

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Christina Harman of Redford, Mich., writes: "This is my sister, my hero – Airman Potter, Diana. In this picture she was in her training for her deployment overseas. We are so sad and miss her terribly."

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Beth Cortez of Thibodaux, La., writes: "This picture is of my son, Tristan, in April. He's holding his port in his hand – it used to be where that scar is on his chest – which means NO MORE CHEMO. He is such a tough little guy and he is my hero."

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Jayme Johnson of Moreno Vally, Calif., writes: "This is me and my little brother, Sgt. Bryan Johnson, the day he deployed to Iraq. He is currently serving in the Army's 82nd Airborne Division. He is not due to come home until September 2008. He is a true hero in my eyes for doing the job he does and putting his life on the line every day so that we can be safe."

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Richard Nungesser of Mesa, Ariz., writes: "Uncle Casey is a college graduate, fireman, paramedic, husband, father, brother, son and uncle. His fervor for his community (Chandler/Gilbert, Arizona) and his extremely compassionate yet insanely vibrant personality mold him into not only a great man and public servant but also a shining example of why America is so great."

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Kimberlee Schiemer of Boulder City, Nev., writes: "This picture was taken in Pearl Harbor in August, when my little sister (dark brown hair) Amy pulled in from deployment on the USS John C. Stennis. She is my hero because she is so strong and so brave to sign up for the Navy while war is going on. A picture really tells a thousand words and you never really know how the troops' families feel until it's your own."

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Elisa Galloway of State College, Pa., writes: "This picture was take on Sept. 8 of sisters Anna, 6 months, and Adria, 5 years old, five days before Adria was struck and killed by a motorcycle in our back yard. She is a hero because of the lives she saved when hers was taken: Her organs were donated. She loved life, she loved school – she had been in kindergarten for six days – she loved her friends, her family ... and most of all, she loved being a big sister to Anna."

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Lauren Bolton of El Dorado Hills, Calif., writes: "My son Darrin was injured in a sprint car accident May 26 (compression fracture to the T3 vertebrae) at the Manzanita Speedway in Phoenix. Just 17, his determination to heal was amazing. He followed the doctor's orders and was cleared to race in just over four months. This picture was taken after that first race Oct. 20, where he finished 8th, out of more than 20 cars. He had so much fun, and this photo captures his sheer happiness."

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