October 06, 2015 03:45 PM

Fun Fact: In New Orleans, you can list a residence for sale as “haunted” or “not haunted.”, however, is strictly looking for the former. They’re updating their recurring “Top 10 Haunted Homes for Sale” feature, and they’re looking for the haunted-est, ghostliest homes across the world.

Last year’s list included Chicago’s $12 million Schweppe Mansion – said to be haunted by Charles and Laura Schweppe (Laura died at 58 of a heart attack; Charles committed suicide four years later) – and the eight-bed, 10-bath Sleepy Hollow Mansion ($9.8 million), whose opulent 13,242 square feet sit on 16 acres not far from the Hudson river.

If you’re looking to submit a home, shoot the site an email at Nominations should include a brief description of the home’s scariest selling features and a few photos. The full list will be published on Oct. 20, so make sure to mark your calendar.

And we’ve already tried submitting our neighbor’s apartment solely so they’ll think it’s haunted and vacate. (It didn’t work.)

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