Real Corpse Found on 'CSI: New York' Set

A mummified body turns up on the show location Tuesday

Photo: CBS/Landov

Things got a bit too realistic on the set of CSI: New York on Tuesday, where an actual mummified body was discovered inside the building where production was underway.

Though downtown Los Angeles was subbing for the streets of New York, the corpse was real, a source close to the show tells PEOPLE, adding that the remains were found on the 5th floor of the building – only two floors below the actors and film crew.

The body, the source says, “was discovered by a building engineer who checked on the tenant because he had not paid rent for the month.”

Making matters weirder is that the show has already shot an episode revolving around the discovery of a mummified body.

Though the show’s stars – Gary Sinise and Melina Kanakaredes – were not on location at the time of the discovery, day players and the stunt people were.

Police and representatives from the coroner’s office, who will perform an autopsy, soon joined them.

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