Former president Ronald Reagan, 90, is being paid a very sweet compliment indeed — a six-foot-tall portrait made entirely of 14,000 jellybeans has been created in his honor, according to the Associated Press. The portrait was made by Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, which aims to have at least one Reagan landmark in 3,097 counties nationwide. “Someone 30 to 40 years from now who may never have heard of Reagan will be forced to ask himself, ‘Who was this man to have so many things named after him?’ ” Michael Kamburowski, former director of the project, told Mother Jones magazine in its March/April issue. The Legacy Project, which started in 1997 by the conservative lobbying group Americans for Tax Reform, also hopes to boot Alexander Hamilton from the $10 bill and put Reagan in his place, and create a Reagan memorial on the National Mall. The portrait made of jellybeans — the candy Reagan was known for nibbling on while in office from 1981-89 — hangs in his boyhood home of Dixon, Ill.