Seventy-two percent of respondents to a poll say the reality star is seeking attention

By Marisa Fox
Updated December 28, 2009 06:50 PM
Bauer-Griffin; INF

Looks like balloon boy’s father, Richard Heene, isn’t the only fame-seeking dad who has no credibility with the public. readers think Jon Gosselin created his own drama to get attention by possibly trashing his own New York City apartment. When asked about the incident, 72 percent of those who responded to a poll said they believed it was a stunt orchestrated by the reality show dad.

“As soon as I heard about this I thought publicity stunt! I see I am not alone,” wrote Kristie ‘Watts’ Dippong. “He had to do something to get himself back in the news.”

A lawyer for Gosselin, 32, says the star’s home was vandalized over Christmas, his clothes and curtains shredded and a note speared into his dresser with a butcher knife signed by ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman. But some readers are skeptical of the story.

“This guy is such a loser and an obvious drama addict,” wrote Cara Mia Profaci. “What a way to waste life, just creating one dumb drama after another.”

Glassman’s lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, denies that her client trashed her ex’s apartment, saying, “This appears to be a publicity stunt.”

But not everyone thinks Gosselin is up to no good. Reader Melanie Lister Ditch wrote of the TV star, “Leave Jon alone He has some issues that he needs to work out everyone has faults.”