On the flip side of Hollywood, ballots for the 20th annual Golden Raspberry Awards — the Razzies — for the worst achievement in Hollywood went out yesterday. In a movie year that brought forth Jar Jar Binks and an ad campaign built entirely around the image of Adam Sandler relieving himself on a wall, “the last year of the 20th century must have been its worst,” Razzies president John Wilson editorialized in his cover letter. Leading the field was “Wild Wild West,” which seemed to score a nomination in nearly every category: for star Will Smith, director Barry Sonnenfeld, supporting actor Kenneth Branagh, supporting actress Salma Hayek and supporting actress Kevin Kline (who appeared in drag, filled out with rice-bag breasts). Stiffest competition for worst actor is thought to be between Robin Williams for “Jakob the Liar” and Kevin Costner for “Message in a Bottle,” which Wilson calls a “beach-littering B.O. bomb.” Winners (or whatever they are) will be announced March 25, the day before the Oscars.