Saturday night was for the Golden Raspberry Awards — presented to Hollywood’s worst efforts last year. “Burn Hollywood, Burn!,” which was barely released before it was withdrawn from distribution, got the Razzie for Worst Film of 1998. Other “winners” were: Worst Actor Bruce Willis (for his triple threat of “Armageddon,” “Mercury Rising” and “The Siege”); The Spice Girls, collectively, as Worst Actress for “Spice World”; and Leonardo DiCaprio as Worst Screen Couple for his role as twins in “The Man in the Iron Mask.” “Godzilla,” “The Avengers” and “Psycho” tied for Worst Remake or Sequel, and a special award was given for the Worst Movie Trend of the year: Gidgets ‘n’ Geezers (58-year-old leading men wooing 28-year-old leading ladies).

  • Bruce Willis’ “Armageddon,” despite its Razzie, was the highest-grossing film of 1998. Willis wasn’t at the Oscar ceremony, though he did appear — in voice and spirit — in an iced-tea commercial broadcast before the big show. A Claymation Willis engaged in arm-to-arm combat with actor Sherman Hemsley, of TV’s “The Jeffersons.”
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