The "Paper Planes" artist gets ready for her first baby in February

By Ryan Pienciak
Updated December 02, 2008 12:05 PM
Michael Buckner/Getty

As her song “Paper Planes” soars up the charts, rapper M.I.A. is preparing for the February arrival of her first child.

Impending motherhood has already begun to mellow out the rapper, who was born Mathangi Arulpragasam. “When I sing, I have to be aware that someone can hear me inside,” she tells USA Today. “It’s really strange. I definitely feel less angry.”

The rapper, 31, says she and her fiancé, the Exit frontman Benjamin Brewer, have not picked out baby names yet.

“I need to see the baby and see who it is, what kind of personality it’ll have,” she says. “I need to give a name that is the character of the child. We’re quite relaxed about the whole thing.”

So will the baby follow in the musical footsteps of mom and dad? “I think my baby is going to start off making club music,” she says. “That’s all I’ve been listening to. Of course, you never know….It might end up being an accountant.”

And that would be just fine with her. “We actually don’t want our kid to do music,” says M.I.A. “So we’re going to buy it loads of instruments. . .so that it will completely rebel and go the other way.”