Rapper Jay-Z Arrested

Grammy-winning rapper Jay-Z was charged with assault in New York after a midtown nightclub incident that took place in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Music mogul Lance (Un) Rivera, all 6’2″ and 325 pounds of him, was left bleeding onstage — reportedly stabbed with an “8- or 9-inch knife,” said a witness, and beaten with a champagne bottle, with Jay-Z allegedly the prime suspect. Rap royalty Busta Rhymes and Lil’ Kim and Eve witnessed the assault, which took place in the Kit Kat Club, off Times Square. Jay-Z, 29, whose real name is Shawn Carter, turned himself in to New York police Thursday night, after officers failed to find him at his Fort Lee, N.J., home during the day. “We’re cooperating,” Carter’s attorney, Harvey Slovis, told New York’s Daily News. “And he didn’t do anything, period.”

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