April 09, 2015 03:40 PM

It’s been a rough week.

Let’s all just calm down and stare slack-mouthed at the majesty of the West. (Not Kanye.)

Randy Halverson shot the footage in the above video in 2014, in locations throughout Wyoming, Utah and South Dakota. You can see the rest of the shots and footage on his website.

Some of the things captured in the time-lapse include meteors, various auroras, sand dunes, a creepy dilapidated house and one owl. The owl appears in the same shot as the creepy dilapidated house – he’s sitting in the tree next to it. Look at him. (Or her, we don’t know, don’t be so judge-y.)

Anyway, between the disturbingly high resolution of this film and the pounding soundtrack, we’re going to need a minute. Somebody get mama a damp washcloth from the bathroom.

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