Ramseys: Now Look Here

John and Patsy Ramsey want Boulder, Colo., law authorities handling the still-unresolved 1996 murder of their daughter, six-year-old JonBenet, to look into a suspect currently accused of using a stun gun to allegedly attack a teenage neighbor in an August rape attempt. The parents, notes the Associated Press, made the request in a chapter added to the paperback edition of their book, “The Death of Innocence,” which was published on Tuesday. In the newly added text, the Ramseys claim that an intruder utilized a stun gun when he killed their daughter. Police, meanwhile, have constantly pointed a finger at the Ramseys. Referring to the August incident, Ramsey investigator Ollie Gray told the Daily Camera newspaper that the case is similar to the JonBenet murder, but he has not found a definite link. More to the point, a spokesman for the Douglas County sheriff’s office said that prosecutors involving the alleged rape-attempt do not believe a connection exists between that case and the Ramsey slaying. An investigation did not turn up any previous charges against the August suspect, he said, nor did it show any involvement with children.

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