Ramseys and the Polygraph

Brandishing the results of their privately administered polygraph test, the parents of the murdered JonBenet Ramsey held a press conference in Atlanta to again declare their innocence in the 1996 case. Boulder, Colo., police, however, dismissed the test’s findings as worthless. “They are not controlling this investigation. We are,” Boulder police chief Mark Beckner told the Associated Press. Beckner wants the FBI to administer a polygraph test to the Ramseys, but the couple refuses, claiming that the Boulder police and the FBI have prejudicial ties against the Ramseys. At yesterday’s press conference John Ramsey said, “We shouldn’t have to prove our innocence . . . but nevertheless we’ve been forced to.” He added that he and his wife, who have relocated to Atlanta, “have not one ounce of trust in the Boulder police.”

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