Rams Claim Bowl

The St. Louis Rams are off to Disney World. In the thrilling final six seconds of Sunday’s Super Bowl XXXIV, Tennessee Titan Kevin Dyson received a pass at the Rams’s 5-yard line and budged toward the end zone — and ran smack into Ram Mike Jones. Jones stopped Dyson as he fell forward and reached his right hand toward the goal line, only to come up a heartbreaking three feet short. The Rams won 23-16. In the advertising arena, a chimp won critics’ hearts in a funny commercial from E-Trade, as did an acting dog searching for his motivation in a Bud ad. Kudos also went to a FedEx truck that made a special delivery to the Munchkins in Oz. A commercial for an investment company that featured a computer-generated image of paralyzed actor Christopher Reeve standing up and walking got mixed reviews. Some felt the ad sent a confused signal that didn’t get the product across.

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