The ladies continue to tangle and trade insults after their ill-fated trip to St. Barts

September 25, 2012 11:15 AM

How about a side of venom with that tea?

After non-stop feuding on their St. Barts trip, Aviva Drescher was “furious” with Ramona Singer on Monday’s Real Housewives of N.Y.C., and wasted no time going in for the attack during a cringe-inducing nine-minute showdown over tea.

“I’m hoping to get a somewhat of a sober person in front of me,” Drescher snapped, explaining to the camera why she arranged to meet Ramona during the day. (The purported reason for their meeting, by the way, was Aviva’s anger over Ramona phoning her ex-husband to ask about her phobias.)

Sensing she was walking into a tense situation, Singer told her adversary,”You tend to raise your voice when you lose it. Let’s not lose it today.”

But indeed the ladies got into it – quickly, in fact – as Aviva reiterated her contempt for Ramona and sidekick Sonja Morgan’s behavior during their island getaway, alleging they slept naked in bed together and calling it “disgusting behavior.”

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“You know what? You ruined our trip,” Ramona fired back. “You were such a buzzkill.”

Retorted Drescher: “You and Sonja [Morgan] ruined everyone’s trip because you were both drunk the entire time.”

After that, Aviva continued to berate a (surprisingly) calm Ramona, who tried to defend herself before deciding she had enough and walked away.

Among the points of contention:

You’re an Alcoholic: Calling her “ill-mannered” and “rough around the edges,” Aviva told Ramona: “You can’t be without alcohol.”

But Singer countered that Aviva was mean-spirited and high-strung and took issue with Aviva’s insinuation that Ramona’s husband, Mario, is a cheater. “You’re a viper,” said Ramona. “You make up stories, and I feel very bad for you.”

Sonja in the Middle: Both women said they were trying to be good friends to Sonja Morgan, who this season has continued to struggle financially as she deals with the fallout of a bankruptcy filing and an ongoing, ugly divorce.

“You look a little more sober next to Sonja,” said Aviva. “You’re so malicious. You’re an enabler.”

But Ramona responded that she empathized with Sonja’s plight and added that Aviva wouldn’t understand after living such a privileged life.

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“I’m surprised [Sonja] hasn’t committed suicide,” Ramona said to Aviva. “You live a very nice life, and I don’t want to say this in a negative way, but I think some women would trade a part of their body to live [your] life,” Singer said.

Parting Shots

And, with that, Ramona wrapped things up, claiming she had an appointment. “This conversation’s going nowhere,” she said. “So I’ll see you when I see you.”

Aviva got in one final parting shot as Singer got up to retrieve her coat: “I am confident in one thing: one of us will grow old gracefully.”

But that still wasn’t it! At the end of the episode, Aviva sent her father, George, to Ramona’s charity event for abused women supposedly to drop off a check. Instead, he demanded that Singer apologize to his daughter. She had security escort him off the premises – setting up what promised to be another nasty encounter with Aviva next Monday when the season finale airs (9 p.m. ET).

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