Radio Host Don Imus Battling Prostate Cancer

"I'll be fine. If I'm not fine, then I won't be fine. And it's not a big deal," says the host

Radio host Don Imus made light of some serious news on Monday: He has stage two prostate cancer.

“I’ll be fine. If I’m not fine, then I won’t be fine. And it’s not a big deal,” Imus, 68, said during his WABC radio show Monday morning.

“I have great confidence in my doctors,” he told listeners. “The prognosis couldn’t be better.”

Imus said he was diagnosed last Wednesday.

The controversial radio host caused a national stir when he made a racially derogatory remark about the Rutgers women’s basketball team on the air in 2007. He was fired by CBS. Later that same year, he was hired by ABC and returned to the radio.
Marla Lehner

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