Radio DJ Wants Britney & Kevin Breakup

An Arkansas deejay launches a site, suggesting the pop star date Nick Lachey

Armed with a Web site heralding itself as “the home of the anti-Kevin movement” and circulating a “K-Fed Up” petition, Little Rock, Ark., radio DJ Jason Cage is urging Britney Spears to kick out husband Kevin Federline.

Or, as Cage – who also once started a site called – puts it in a posting: “Remove the boil that is Kevin from herself and her payroll.”

As Cage, who admits his stunt is done with tongue firmly planted in cheek, tells MTV News: “I’ve been following Britney from the get-go, and when this engagement happened it became a really big topic on my radio show. People were freaking out about it. And at first, everyone thought, ‘Okay, maybe this will last a week.’ But it just kept going, and the longer it went on, I think the more people realized that something had to be done.”

The site, which has established a competition to guess the correct date of a split and notes that Nick Lachey is available for Britney, also tracks news stories about the couple.

Certainly, many are watching the marriage. The current issue of PEOPLE reports that on Nov. 30, Spears and Federline had such a heated argument that she dropped the D-word, and Federline bolted from their Malibu home, a source close to the couple said.

“She wanted a divorce,” said a friend of Spears’s. Added a source close to Federline, “when she’s upset with him, he likes to give her some space. I don’t think she’s upset with him because of something specific he’s done. I think she’s overwhelmed with her new lifestyle – being a wife and mother – and sometimes takes it out on the people who she’s closest to and who she knows will stick around.”

Spears’s way of taking it out on her husband was to show up that night at the Los Angeles club LAX and dance into the wee hours with friends. “It was definitely a girls’ night out,” says an LAX partner. “Kevin was being punished.”

In any case, the punishment proved short-lived. After her 24th birthday on Dec. 2, Spears took a quick jaunt to Vegas (where she checked into the Wynn Las Vegas resort, half a mile down the Strip from her husband’s suite at the Venetian), then repaired to Louisiana to spend time with her mother, Lynne, and sister Jamie Lynn. But by Tuesday, according to a source close to the couple, she had settled back into her Malibu mansion with her 27-year-old husband and their 3-month-old son Sean Preston.

“This has happened before,” an insider told PEOPLE. “They always work it out.”

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