The celebrity stylist, who is seven months pregnant, lets the baby's gender slip

By Tim Nudd
January 11, 2011 10:40 AM
Donato Sardella/WireImage

Time to stock up on boys’ fashions!

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has revealed the gender of her forthcoming child – apparently accidentally – using the pronoun “his” to describe the baby’s impending arrival in a new interview with Women’s Wear Daily.

Realizing her slip-up, Zoe’s husband, Rodger Berman, then lets the cat fully out of the bag, kissing his wife’s stomach and acknowledging, “It’s a little boy.”

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Zoe, 39, star of The Rachel Zoe Project, is seven months along, yet still going 100 miles an hour. “I’ve been asked to slow down,” she says. “But to be totally honest, it’s kind of next to impossible when you’re planning your show and launching your collection, and in the middle of award season.”

Good thing she’s busy, though – she doesn’t have too much time to be tempted by baby clothes, which she wants to avoid anyway until the baby is here.

“I’m a little superstitious,” she says. “I’ve been sent a lot of gifts and things, and my team just hides them.”