Tiger Woods may be hiding out, but his alleged mistress isn't shying away from the beach or clubs while on vacation

By Linda Marx and Michael Y. Park
Updated December 29, 2009 12:25 PM
Credit: INF; Sipa

Whatever else she may or may not be, Rachel Uchitel is certainly no shrinking violet.

Beleaguered pro golfer Tiger Woods’s alleged mistress has been spotted partying hearty in the Sunshine State – with nary a hint of the scandal surrounding her. Her reported athlete beau, meanwhile? Nowhere to be seen.

Drinking champagne, laughing, smoking and dancing by herself, Uchitel was spotted at the club 251 Sunrise in Palm Beach, Fla., Saturday night, apparently free of the stress that you might expect that being the most notorious “other woman” in America would bring.

“We were sitting very near her table and watching her dance by herself and occasionally dance with a guy who was talking in her ear,” a source tells PEOPLE of the first woman named in the Tiger Woods infidelity scandal. “The guy wore an Oxford shirt and blue blazer and was sort of dorky. He was more into her than she was to him.”

Uchitel, 34, a New York-based club hostess who has spent the last two weeks in Palm Beach, where her mom has a waterfront condo, came into the club with a couple of girlfriends – and left after having made at least one fan.

Rachel was much prettier than I had expected after seeing photos of her,” the source tells PEOPLE. “She had a great body, too.”

After a few hours, the source says Uchitel left the club around 2:30 a.m.

“Rachel has been having a great holiday partying, shopping and sun tanning in Palm Beach,” another source tells PEOPLE. “She is a personality girl out having fun in beautiful surroundings.”

Woods, on the other hand, has not been seen in public for weeks. Sources had previously said that Woods, 33, was going to cruise the waters off the Bahamas with friends during the holidays, but his yacht Privacy has reportedly been docked in northern Palm Beach County, Fla.

One place Tiger definitely isn’t: Sweden, where wife Elin Nordegren is camped out with the kids for the season.