With another tearjerker about to hit theaters, we look back at the many ways the About Time actress has touched our hearts

By Kiran Hefa
Updated November 10, 2013 05:45 PM
Melissa Moseley

There’s no denying that Rachel McAdams is the current undisputed queen of romantic comedies. And with Friday’s release of About Time, a time-traveling love story from the creator of Love Actually, her reign is set to continue.

But why has this brunette beauty so successfully cemented her place in all of our hearts? For starters, she’s always one line away from having us bawling into our movie theater napkins, and that goes for anyone, whether you like your romances to come from novel adaptations or from the same duo that brought you The Internship. So before this weekend’s dinner-and-a-movie meet-up, give her sweetest declarations a read, and feel free to pass them on to the Ryan Gosling in your life.

Ah, young love. When falling so deeply for someone makes you believe anything is impossible, why not be a bird? And make sure your beloved joins you for the flight.

For the record, we wouldn’t need much convincing to accept Channing Tatum as our husband, but the beauty of this moment from The Vow lies in McAdams recognizing Tatum’s commitment to her – without ever recognizing his face.

Just because a movie features Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn arguing over whether to impersonate maple farmers or venture capitalists doesn’t mean it can’t also have heart, okay? Plus, for the commitment-phobic, comedy always takes the edge off.

It’s not easy being The Time Traveler’s Wife, what with him disappearing for prolonged periods of time, including on your wedding night! But that’s why McAdams’s declaration to a dying Eric Bana makes this moment all the weepier. Cue the tears!

Hey, now, we know what you’re thinking, but for Aaron Samuels, this was probably the nicest thing Regina George said to him all movie. Also: It’s accurate.