"My partner Susan is a very good cook," she says, adding that she prefers to make the drinks

By Brian Orloff
April 14, 2010 12:10 PM
Michael Edwards

Rachel Maddow may not be incredibly comfortable in the kitchen – but she does play an important role during mealtime at her house: She bartends.

“My partner Susan [Mikula] is a very good cook,” Maddow said during a cooking segment on The Martha Stewart Show Wednesday. “On the weekends, she cooks and I make drinks.”

And the MSNBC host’s mixology skills have impressed Stewart, who told the audience, “She makes very good drinks,” while guiding Maddow through a segment on cooking barbeque shrimp.

One reason Maddow, 37, doesn’t cook so much during the week?”I live in a tenement apartment building. If I open the fridge, I can’t open the oven,” she said of her Manhattan digs. (During the weekends, Maddow and Mikula, 52, decamp to their quaint home in Western Massachusetts.)

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So, she goes out to dinner instead. “I cook with you, and that’s sort of it,” Maddow told Stewart.

But Maddow is more than happy to provide the food for the meal. In fact, she recently spent her birthday in Florida, fishing. Among her catches: a king mackerel, which she plans to smoke with her friends.

Says Maddow: “I love all seafood.”