5 Things to Know About Rachel Levin (aka, RCLBeauty101)

Get to know the YouTube personality who has over 8 million subscribers

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There’s a reason Rachel Levin (aka, RCLBeauty101) has over 8 million YouTube subscribers. The 21-year-old’s series contains everything a young woman needs, from beauty advice and tips to comedy skits and lifestyle videos.

Whether she’s teaching you how to make your own lipstick out of bubblegum or exposing what really goes on inside the girls’ bathroom, Levin gives great advice while keeping things entertaining.

Want to learn more about the YouTube star ahead of her appearance at VidCon this week? Read up on Rachel Levin below.

1. She started making YouTube videos when she was 15 years old.

Levin published her first video – “How To … Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles” – in December 2015 when she was still in high school.

“I would come home and always be excited to watch YouTube videos because I wasn’t as interested in doing sports and stuff,” Levin told AdWeek. “I was obsessed with watching YouTube videos. I would watch all these beauty tutorials to the point where in the mirror when I did my makeup in the morning, I would be like, ‘OK, now we’re going to apply this product to our outer v [of the eye].

“Once I came to the conclusion that I was doing makeup tutorials in the mirror, I decided that I should just film a video. So I filmed a how to conceal under-eye circles video, posted it and didn’t think anything of it.”

2. Her YouTube page went from 1.7 million to 7.6 million subscribers in just one year.

Levin’s page exploded in popularity in 2015 thanks to her mix of beauty tutorials and relatable lifestyle videos.

“There wasn’t one set video that I did – I just started upping [the number of] videos that I really enjoy doing,” Levin told AdWeek. “It’s just always been a process of figuring out what content makes me and my subscribers happy.”

3. Her Instagram and Snapchat have a huge following as well.

On top of her 8 million YouTube subscribers, Levin boasts 2.5 million followers on Instagram, where she posts photos almost daily highlighting her lifestyle and fashion choices.

“I don’t have a separate audience on Instagram and Snapchat,” Levin told AdWeek. “The people that watch my YouTube videos just watch on the other platforms as well.”

4. Her boyfriend appears in many of her videos and photos.

Levin has been dating Isaac Nakash since 2013. Nakash appears in many videos and photos, and he even acts as the vlogger’s photographer sometimes! With over 600,000 followers on Instagram, he’s a social star in his own right.

5. She was named the top social media influencer under 21.

Los Angeles-based social marketing company Zerf placed Levin at the top of their list of digital video influencers under 21 in November 2015.

Zerf wrote, “Part Beauty Guru, part comedienne, Rachel Levin (Rclbeauty101 to her followers) is a vlogger that creates beauty DIYs, with a twist. Although she does the usual tutorials, Rachel puts her own spin on things with her comedic take on the world of Beauty on YouTube.”

If you’re going to VidCon this week, be sure to check out our Q&A with Levin on Saturday at the Instant Interview Stage by PEOPLE/EW.

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