Rachael Ray Loses Voice – Jamming at Music Fest

In Texas to cook and cheer on her husband, the TV chef goes silent

Photo: Jack Plunkett/AP

Rachael Ray is starting her week a bit quieter than usual, after a particularly fun-filled weekend at Austin’s South By Southwest music gathering, SXSW.

Ray was at the music bar Maggie Mae’s, where she cooked self-proclaimed “delicious” Mexican food, including ancho chicken soft tacos and smoky chipotle and black bean chilaquiles. The party, called Rose’s Mojito and Rachael Ray’s Feedback: The B-Side, got people jumping with great food and music to match.

So, why all quiet on the southwestern front?

Ray, 40, had hung out near the stage for the performance of her husband John Cusimano’s band, the Cringe, and was really excited when another of her favorites, the New York Dolls, showed up to perform. As Ray told PEOPLE, “I can’t talk. I was cheering on the band – all the talking today, it’s got me completely hoarse!”

Still, Ray was able to whisper, “I’m having a blast! We totally love SXSW and all of the music.” Cusimano concurred, saying, “We always have a good time here and have really enjoyed all of the people and the bands in Austin.”

Though Ray has faced a voice problem in the past, don’t expect her to remain silent for long. The 500th episode of the Rachael Ray Show will air April 1. Among the special guests, PEOPLE has learned, will be Matthew McConaughey.

Reporting by KELLY RONDEAU

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