The TV chef burns up over tabloid reports of trouble in her marriage

By Stephen M. Silverman
November 16, 2007 11:30 AM

Video courtesy The Rachael Ray Show.
Rachael Ray briefly got as hot under the collar as her oven Friday, when she said tabloid reports about her marriage “are really killing me.”

Ray, 39, talking on her daily TV show, recounted how she once got a phone call after someone had read that she and husband John Cusimano were calling it quits.

“Are you getting a divorce?” Ray said the caller asked, to which she replied, “I hope not, because John’s mixing [me] a heckuva Margarita in the kitchen.”

Among other false stories she’s been forced to endure, Ray talked about one that listed her as a billionaire but that half of her fortune would have to go to Cusimano. “Both, sadly, grotesquely not true,” she said. (PEOPLE reported in May that Ray now earns about $10 million a year.)

Describing her husband, a lawyer who is also lead singer for the band The Cringe, the TV chef said, “I would never be dumb enough to give up free legal advice, a rock star, a great cook and a handsome guy, at that.”

For the record, she said, “John and I are happily, grotesquely, blissfully married,” and the two have been happy since meeting eight years ago.

“I love him desperately,” she added.

This week, Ray’s rep told PEOPLE, “Rachael and John have never been happier.”

Earlier this year, Ray herself told PEOPLE about her love for Cusimano, saying, “I have our entire relationship saved on my phone. Sixteen messages between meeting and getting married. I resave them every 21 days.”