'Quincy' On the Spot

“Quincy” and “The Odd Couple” TV star Jack Klugman, 77, testified in his own defense Friday in a Los Angeles palimony suit filed against him by ex-girlfriend Barbara Neugass. Neugass, who had an 18-year extramarital relationship with Klugman, is seeking lifetime support in monthly payments, half the profit from the sale of the thoroughbred ranch she says they shared (until they split in 1992) and personal property she left there. Klugman, however, testified that he gave her cash every month until 1996. He also said he never lived with her at the ranch, which he claimed was used as a business, and he denied telling Neugass she would never have to worry about money. He stated in court that the only woman he ever lived with is his wife, actress Brett Somers (with whom he is now legally separated). Klugman is expected to resume testifying today.

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