See the Quadruplets Born to 65-Year-Old German Woman

Annegret Raunigk, 65, and her four newborn quadruplets are set to head home in a few days

Photo: Pfeiffer/RTL

Quadruplets born three months ago to Annegret Raunigk, a 65-year-old German woman, are doing well and ready to go home in a few days.

All four babies – a girl named Neeta, and three boys: Dries, Bence and Fjonn – were delivered prematurely by Cesarean section on May 19 during Raunigk’s 26th week of pregnancy.

Shortly after their birth, two of the newborns had to be given breathing support, and two had to undergo surgery, according to the Telegraph U.K.

The Charlite hospital in Berlin told the Associated Press on Tuesday that the babies all weigh more than 5.5 pounds now and should be able to leave the hospital this month.

Raunigk, a retired teacher, is believed to be the oldest woman to have ever delivered quadruplets.

The single mom has 13 other children, ages 10 to 44, from five fathers, according to the AP. She also has seven grandchildren, which means her newest children are younger than her grandkids, reports the Express U.K..

Raunigk told the paper she decided to have another child because her youngest daughter wanted a little brother or sister.

To help make the pregnancy possible, she traveled to the Ukraine to have donated, fertilized eggs implanted, a procedure that’s not legal in Germany, the AP reports.

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