Life is in the fast lane for the singer and race-car driver Lewis Hamilton

By Mari Kasanuki
Updated August 27, 2008 01:05 PM
Derek Steele/BuzzFoto

Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger says her boyfriend, Formula One race car driver Lewis Hamilton, has “brightened” her life.

Hawaii-born Scherzinger, 30, met the British driver, 23, at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Munich last year, and tells Hello! magazine how she “was so tired, but he walked into the room and brightened it up to no end.”

Since that day, “We go out, goof around and enjoy life. Why not? We’re both young and having fun.”

As for media attention on their romance, “We are both used to it,” she says.

“Lots of stars complain about it but you know, it’s part of the job – we both have successful careers, and he is great for someone so young and focused. I have learned so much from him on how to make it through.”

Scherzinger also hints that the romance may be headed for something more serious beyond just goofing around.

“One of the highlights for both of us this year was attending the Nelson Mandela 90th birthday dinner in London,” says the singer. “I mean it says something that we went as a couple.”

As for marriage in the future, she says, “I believe in it more with each year – every girl does. We all strive to find a soulmate. Have I found mine yet? Keep watching!”