July 21, 1998 12:00 AM

Rap entrepreneur Sean “Puffy” Combs, 30, was in Manhattan Supreme Court, where on Thursday he was ordered to stand trial on a weapons charge as well as scolded for his behavior before the judge, reports New York’s Daily News. Assistant Manhattan District Attorney Matthew Bogdanos reportedly criticized Combs for showing up late (by four minutes, because he was stuck in traffic, he said) and wearing sunglasses before Judge Charles Solomon. Bogdanos went so far as to suggest that Combs be jailed should he be tardy again. “I apologize to the court for being late,” said Combs. “It won’t happen again.” Combs is charged with unlawful possession of a 9 mm handgun and for trying to bribe a witness after a Dec. 27 nightclub shootout in which three people were hurt. Girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, who was with Combs at the time, was not charged. The court date for the start of the trial is Jan. 2. As for the criticism over Combs’s wearing his shades in court (he also reportedly wore sneakers and his baggy Sean Jeans), his attorney, Benjamin Brafman, told the News that the glasses were “none of Mr. Bogdanos’s business” and said that if the district attorney wouldn’t comment on his client’s glasses, “I won’t comment on his ties.”

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