May 11, 1998 12:00 AM

Monday’s session of the defense portion of the trial of rap mogul Sean “Puffy” Combs brought two witnesses to the stand, both of which testified that Combs did not fire a gun on the night of Dec. 27, 1999, at Club New York, reports PEOPLE. First witness was Club New York security employee Cherise Myers, who testified that Combs did not fire a gun, because he fell to the floor with her when they both heard shots ring out in the nightspot. Myers said she was with Combs in the front of the club on Dec. 27, 1999, when another patron picked an argument with Combs and threw money at him. She then saw Jamal Barrow step out of the crowd, scream “a bad obscenity” and, she said, “I saw him (Barrow) firing a gun. It appeared to be one or two shots.” After that, she and Combs “went down to the floor,” she testified. “I fell on top of Mr. Combs. Other people fell on top of me.” Myers’s testimony corroborated the defense’s argument that Combs did not fire a gun. “His hands were on the floor,” she said. The day’s second witness was Arhemia Fida-I, who’d been at Club New York that fateful night with a friend, Tarnisha Smith. Fida-I testified that she and Smith ducked behind a bar when the shots rang out, and that Smith, who previously in the trial had been a witness for the prosecution, suffered an asthma attack during the stampede of people that followed the shooting. Therefore, the defense suggested, Smith could not have focused much attention on the behavior of others in the club, including Combs.

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