In the Manhattan courtroom where rap entrepreneur Sean “Puffy” Combs is on trial for weapons possession and bribery charges stemming from a December 1999 Times Square nightclub shootout, much of the testimony on Wednesday centered around George Pappas, 35, a former part-time driver for a firm called Casablanca Escort Services. Pappas allegedly found a gun thrown from Combs’s Lincoln Navigator as it sped away from the scene of the shooting. Inside the courtroom. Combs, 31, dressed casually in khaki pants, white shirt and green sweater, remained somber throughout the day’s proceedings, reports PEOPLE. At times he seemed to listen intently to the witnesses, but he mostly read from a small Bible he had with him. As for Pappas, he testified that he found a black 9mm semi-automatic Smith and Wesson after it hit his car. He then went on to say that he subsequently called his employer, Anthony Nastasi, the reported owner of the escort service. ” I knew he had friends in law enforcement,” said Pappas. In its cross-examination, the defense got Pappas to admit that he did not actually see the gun being thrown from the Navigator. Later, Combs’s attorney Benjamin Brafman questioned Nastasi about prostitution-related charges filed against him in Las Vegas. The aggressive questioning provoked the ire of prosecutor Matthew Bagdanos, who said of Brafman: “He can make all the clever funny innuendoes he wants to, and everyone can laugh, but this is just another one of the red herrings that he wants to throw to the jury.”