Puffy Trial: Ballistics and Be-Bop

While Wednesday’s session of the weapons possession and bribery trial of Sean “Puffy” Combs focused on ballistic evidence from the Dec. 1999 Times Square nightclub skirmish that left three people wounded, defense attorney Johnnie Cochran zeroed in his client’s moves at the time of the melee, reports PEOPLE. Specifically, Combs’s moves on the dance floor. The prosecution, meanwhile, pressed the hypothetical theory that Combs, 31, might have shot one of the bullets in the club, with testimony from crime scene Detective Ed Wallace. (Also on trial: Combs’s rap protege, Jamal “Shyne” Barrow, 21, who is charged with attempted murder and assault for allegedly firing a pistol in the club, and Combs’s bodyguard, Anthony “Wolf” Jones, 34, who is charged with illegal gun possession.) Witness Monica Caban, a college junior who was also a barmaid at Club New York at the time of the shootings, told the court that she had served Combs and his entourage — which included Jennifer Lopez — champagne that night and then presented the rap entrepreneur with the bill, “which was about $4,000,” Caban said. She added that Combs was not happy with the tab and spoke to the manager about it. They settled it, she went on to say, but Combs stiffed her on a tip, and she was not happy about that. At the time she heard the gunshots in the club, said Caban, she was serving in the VIP section, and she had no idea of who might have done the shooting. “I jumped behind the DJ booth,” she said of her reaction to the gunfire. “During the two hours that you were waiting on Mr. Combs, you saw him dancing,” Cochran, 63, said to Caban. “He was regular dancing, you didn’t see any great moves?” Cochran asked. “No, he didn’t bust any moves — he was just dancing,” Caban replied as the courtroom burst into laughter. As for Combs, he smiled.

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