'Puffy' in Court

Back in a New York court on Tuesday, rap entrepreneur Sean “Puffy” Combs was ordered to pay an additional $20,000 in bail by Friday on the witness-bribery charge that he faces in a December club shooting incident. The state Supreme Court kept the $10,000 bail on his weapon-possession charges, bringing his bail bill to $30,000. Combs’s lawyer Benjamin Brafman, however, calls the bribery charge as “transparent as the dress” Combs’s girlfriend Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammy Awards. Combs has already pleaded innocent to gun charges related to a club shooting in Times Square that left three people wounded. He now also stands accused of offering his driver $50,000 and a diamond ring to say that the driver, Wardell Fenderson, 41, owned the handgun that police allege they found in Combs’s car. Combs, 30, and his bodyguard Anthony “Wolf” Jones, 34, who also was arraigned on the bribery charge, both pleaded innocent on Tuesday.

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