Protest Beverly Hills-Style

“Chinatown” producer Robert Evans has enlisted the help of some celebrity pals in his fight against a giant water tank next to his Beverly Hills mansion. Warren Beatty, Sharon Stone, Jack Nicholson, Kirk Douglas, Cathy Lee Crosby and guitarist Slash urged the city to forget its plans to build the tank, which would hold 1.8 million gallons. Sorry. The City Council tentatively approved the project, offering to disguise it as a house. Evans and Citizens for the Protection of Beverly Hills went all out to state their objection: They made their own disaster video using old flood footage to highlight the potential for a catastrophic collapse and brought in satellite photos to claim the area was seismically unsafe. “We could have had Moses walk across this as well and they wouldn’t have bought it. Their minds were made up,” said Evans, who has threatened to auction his mansion if the tank is built.

  • The council takes a final vote in January. Mayor Les Bronte is said not to have been swayed by the celebrity input.
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