May 30, 2007 05:05 PM

George Michael’s system contained a drug cocktail at the time of his arrest in his car last year, the prosecution informed a London court on Wednesday, the BBC reports.

The singer, 43, had pleaded guilty on May 8 to driving while under the influence of drugs. The offence carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail. Sentencing has been set for June 8.

Michael was arrested on Oct. 1, 2006 after other drivers reported seeing someone slumped over the wheel of a Mercedes at traffic lights in north London. At the time, Michael was briefly hospitalized and subsequently charged.

Speaking before Brent Magistrates’ Court in north London, prosecutor Andrew Torrington spelled out the various drugs he said were in Michael’s system when he was arrested: cannibis, an anti-depressant and the illegal club drug GHB [often called the date-rape drug,] according to the BBC.

An attorney for the former Wham! frontman – who was not in court for Wednesday’s hearing – blamed a sleeping drug as the most likely reason for his client’s condition, and said that it is common for traces of GHB to turn up in the blood, even if the drug had not been taken.

District Judge Katherine Marshall said the issue being decided was not the particular drug but the overall condition of Michael at the time of his arrest.

In a statement after the hearing, Michael said, “I am delighted that at today’s hearing the court accepted that the proper approach to my case is that which I have always maintained, in that I was unfit through a combination of tiredness and prescribed drugs, and that I will be sentenced on this basis.”

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