Courtesy Gymboree
April 16, 2015 11:55 AM

Prom season has arrived. It’s a time when teen boys ask teen girls to be their date through “yes or no” questionnaires (or YouTube videos to Taylor Swift), kids start buttering up their parents to ask for a little extra dough for a limo ride, and moms and dads have that “birds and the bees” talk with their kids who might be influenced by “prom night pressures” thanks to movies like American Pie.

But you can throw all that out the window, because we’ve just discovered Baby Prom and it’s better than any high school prom that has ever existed.

If you’re a fancy baby in Manhattan who attends classes at Gymboree, you’re lucky enough to be invited to “Parachute Prom” – a prom for babies. Here are ten reasons Baby Prom is officially the coolest prom of all proms.

1. ‘Formal Attire’ Is a Relatively Loose Phrase

2. The Prom Queen Is Never a ‘Mean Girl’ Because She Doesn’t Know That Word Yet

3. They Give Bubbles Instead of Corsages

4. There Are Never Cheesy Prom Poses – Just Adorableness

5. Girls Can Literally Dress Like Princesses

6. Or Fairies

7. Jumping Around in a Circle Is a Totally Acceptable Dance Move

8. Your Date Might Run Away, but Just as You Get Sad – OMG Are Those Blocks?

9. The DJ Is Guaranteed To Play ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ and Other Classics

10. At The End of the Night When You’re Too Tired to Move, Someone Will Carry You Home

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