"I try to avoid bringing her to class at all costs, but things happen!" Katy Humphrey tells PEOPLE

By Erin Hill
Updated March 25, 2016 02:50 PM
Credit: Courtesy Katy Humphrey

If you’ve got a fussy baby, a college lecture just might do the trick!

Baylor University student Katy Humphrey was in a bind earlier this month when her babysitter called in sick just as she was about to leave for class.

“I live an hour away and when the sitter called and said she was sick, it was either not go to class or come up with a new plan,” Humphrey, 33, tells PEOPLE.

So the retired Marine from Salado, Texas, who is studying exercise physiology as part of a pre-physical therapy program at Baylor, called her professor Darryn Willoughby and asked if he would mind if she brought her 4-month-old daughter Millie to class that day.

“He immediately said yes. It’s a small class of 20 students and he’s told me before that I could bring her to class anytime I needed – and the other students all chimed in, ‘You should bring her every day!’ ” Humphrey says with a laugh.

Humphrey also took another one of Professor Willoughby’s classes last summer while she was pregnant.

“[Millie] would always kick the most when I was in his class,” Humphrey explains. “And we’d joke that she either liked him a lot or not at all!”

As it turns out, Millie is a big fan!

As Humphrey settled into class, Millie started to fuss in her carrier. Professor Willoughby walked over and asked if he could pick her up. And as he did, he told the class, ‘You may not realize this now, but the greatest joy in life is getting to hold a baby.’ ”

Humphrey’s daughter immediately calmed down as she was cradled in the professor’s arms and she happily spent the remainder of the hour-long lecture as the teacher’s pet!

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And although no one in the class – especially Professor Willoughby – objected to the little student, Humphrey assures she’s not planning to make it a habit.

“I try to avoid bringing her to class at all costs, but things happen!”