Producer: Mike Tyson Has Strength to Cope with Tragedy

"But, man, what else can happen to him?" says Tyson's LaLa Vazquez

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It was a blow of the sort he never felt in the ring. Just when his life was taking a major turn for the better, Mike Tyson lost his 4-year-old daughter to a freak accident at home.

“It’s unbelievable,” says LaLa Vazquez, one of the producers of Tyson, the revealing documentary about the boxing champ. “He hit a great point with this movie, and people were starting to get him, and treat him with understanding. And this happens.”

Daughter Exodus died Tuesday at a Phoenix hospital after she accidentally got her neck wrapped in a cord from an exercise machine. Tyson, who was in Las Vegas at the time, flew to Arizona and was seen entering the hospital. He issued a statement saying, “There are no words to describe the tragic loss.”

As documented in Tyson, the boxer has had a life filled with tragedy and upheaval, much of it brought upon him by himself as he battled his demons. The movie from filmmaker James Toback has been met with critical and financial success, and has shown the public different sides of the often-misunderstood Tyson.

“I think he’s at a point where he can deal with it,” said Vazquez of Exodus’s death. “But I don’t care how confident you are in yourself: This is a crusher. With maturity and age and everything he went through, he will be able to pull this through for his family. He will make it through this. But, man, what else can happen to him?”

Tyson also appears as himself in the comedy The Hangover out June 5.

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