Producer: Lindsay Lohan Needs to Concentrate on Work

"She's still young, there's no reason for her not to come back," says Lati Grobman

Photo: Anthony/Pacific Coast News

A producer of Lindsay Lohan‘s upcoming ABC Family film Labor Pains says the young actress needs to concentrate on her work – and not on the drama – to “continue to have a great career.”

It’s a sentiment that the actress and her family share. Lohan herself has been vocal in the last week about wanting to focus on herself since her break-up with deejay Samantha Ronson. But that doesn’t mean life without Samantha has been drama-free.

From a new hair color and tattoo, to moving out of Ronson’s house and even getting shut out of a party for Ronson’s sister, Charlotte, on April 3, it seems work has been far from Lohan’s mind.

One thing is certain: Lohan’s reputation for showing up late to film sets, or not showing up at all, didn’t prove true on the set of her TV film Labor Pains, which premieres on ABC Family July 19. In it, Lohan plays a woman who fakes a pregnancy to keep her job.

“I can’t believe the she misbehaved in other productions,” producer Lati Grobman tells PEOPLE. “With us she was really great. She was perfect. She wasn’t only on time, she was before time every morning there was not one day she was late.”

Grobman says everyone needs to remember that Lohan is only 22.

“I just wish people would stop being so mean towards her and see her for her talent,” the producer says. “Maybe she’ll concentrate on her work and chose great projects, and I think she can continue to have a great career.”

There’s no doubt, Grobman says, that Lohan can make a big comeback.

“She hasn’t done anything bad, she’s very talented, she’s very pretty, she’s still very young, there’s no reason for her not to come back,” Grobman says. “Maybe everything that’s happened will make her grow up.”

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