The Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed whisky from the Glenturret distillery

By Simon Perry
May 29, 2014 06:00 PM
Andrew Milligan/Getty

There goes another wild pregnancy rumor.

Princess Kate tasted gin and whisky in Scotland Thursday during the royal couple’s first visit to the region that gives them their Scottish titles – the Earl and Countess of Strathearn.

Touring a village fair with Prince William, Kate sampled oatcakes and ice cream and admired flowers. And at a booth run by a local distillery, she was tempted by some heather and rose-flavored gin mixed with tonic.

“I shouldn’t really try the gin because of the whiskey I had at Glenturret,” she told David Lang, one of the founders of Strathearn distillery.

“She said it was absolutely delicious,” Lang tells PEOPLE.

The drink came from a $92 limited-edition bottle produced by the one-and-half-year-old company.

Earlier, the pair had toured the Glenturret distillery, known for its Famous Grouse whiskey, where Prince William, 31, was challenged to have a “wee dram” of 68.9 proof alcohol, straight from the still.

“I’ll give anything a go, [but] I will probably regret it later!” William said.

“I’m definitely going for that one,” he said, while Kate, 32, added, “You do like a peaty whiskey, don’t you?”

Kate looked on as William took the first taste of The Black Grouse Alpha.

The Duchess of Cambridge was persuaded to try a couple of sips of whiskey she called the “girlie one” – two blends called The Snow Grouse and The Naked Grouse, both around 80 proof.

“Nice, I like them,” she declared.

Then William was handed a shot of 68.9 proof clear alcohol, and he couldn’t resist the challenge. Shaking his head, he winced and said, “That’s pretty busy,” before offering it to his wife.

“I’ll stick with that girlie one,” she said.

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As they left the tasting, the couple were given a personalized bottle of The Famous Strathearn whiskey and a squeaky toy grouse for baby Prince George.

“Oh my goodness, listen to that. He will just love that,” Kate said.

Later, over at the Forteviot fair, where booths were grouped around the village square, Kate and William enjoyed a quintessentially British afternoon as they met craftspeople, bakers and artists.

Ten-year-old Pepper Young, whose mother was staffing the Perthshire Oatcakes stall, had hoped she would get a selfie with Kate. But her mother, Fiona Wimpenny, vetoed that idea.

Young instead made the princess a pink and purple friendship bracelet, which Kate immediately put on her wrist. “I think she liked it,” she told PEOPLE.

Inside the village hall, the couple were given another special present for Prince George – a traditionally made kilt in the original ancient Strathearn tartan pattern.

“William was saying that since he’s been an adult, he hasn’t worn a kilt, but that he probably should do,” Marion Foster, who made the kilt, tells PEOPLE.

“They seemed really tickled by it,” Foster adds. “Kate said, ‘We will have to keep his sticky fingers off it.'”