Princess Diana's Former Lover Breaks Silence

"Sometimes I felt like screaming," heart surgeon Hasnat Khan said of her death

Photo: CHERRUAULT/SIPA; Peter Jordan/Solo/Zuma

As the inquest into the death of the Princess Diana continues, her former lover Hasnat Khan has finally broken his silence – on television.

“Sometimes I felt like screaming,” the heart surgeon revealed in an exclusive interview with ITV News at Ten Monday night. Coming to terms with her death over the last decade, “There have been very bad times,” he conceded.

Khan, a 48-year-old heart specialist who is now based in Pakistan, hopes the inquest will finally put an end to the many conspiracy theories concerning his former girlfriend’s death. “It just keeps coming back,” he said.

He told the TV station: “There have been people who have said to me, ‘Once you set the record straight, it will be all over for you.’ Maybe they are right, I don’t know.”

According to Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell, who gave evidence at Monday’s inquest, the princess was planning to marry Khan, whom she called her “soulmate” and “Mr. Wonderful” before the pair broke up, a month before her death in August 1997.

During their affair, butler Burrell would smuggle Khan into Diana’s residence, Kensington Palace, concealed in a car trunk.

As for the inquest, “I hope it settles all the questions,” said Khan. “For me, I think it’s important that this is the end of it and people can move on.”

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