Princess Charlotte's Role in Her New Family, as Told by the Stars

The AstroTwins consulted the stars on how Will and Kate's little one will fit into her new family

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Princess Charlotte was born under the zodiac sign of Taurus, the determined and loyal bull. While this sign has a reputation for being stubborn and willful, there are some lovely softening elements in the rest of the wee royal's chart. Charlotte's rising sign (the outer persona) is feminine and nurturing Cancer, which will temper the driven nature of her sun sign. Her moon sign, which governs her emotions and inner motives, is in fair and harmonious Libra. Put together, this creates the chart of a powerful, nurturing figure – a leader who will also fall in the well-heeled fashion footsteps of her mother and her grandmother.
A balanced household: Earth & Water
Kensington Palace's Apartment 1A now features two caring water signs (William and George) and two grounded earth signs (Kate and Charlotte). Interestingly, the males of the household are both Cancers, which is a more feminine zodiac sign. They may be the sentimental ones, while the staid "earth girls" will approach life from a more measured and practical perspective.

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Kate will be the disciplinarian
Because Mummy said so! Stern and structured Saturn in Kate's chart is together with Charlotte's whimsical Libra moon. Kate will definitely have to play disciplinarian and set limits with Charlotte. At times, Kate may seem too strict, making rules that will benefit her daughter in the future but make her feel suppressed as a child. However, Kate will always be a safe and strong harbor during her daughter's ups and downs – and a wonderful role model of how to be a strong, classy woman.
Past life connection?
Mother and daughter have shared many lifetimes, according to their charts. Charlotte has Pluto, the ruler of karma and reincarnation, aligned with Kate's Capricorn sun. They may have been fellow soldiers, brothers or even father-and-son in prior lives. There could be a strong telepathic connection between them; they will sense what the other is thinking or feeling without saying a word. Sorry, Charlotte – there won't be sneaking anything past your mom!
Teenage rebellion ahead?
Uh-oh! A tense sun-Uranus square indicates some teenage rebellion issues that could challenge these two. Kate will have to leave room for Charlotte to make her own mistakes and individuate a bit more than she did. Playing sports together could be a bonding activity, and a good way to channel any pent-up frustration for both of them.

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Daddy's girl gets away with everything
Rules? What rules? Heavyweight Saturn in Charlotte's chart is together with youthful Uranus in Will's chart. Translation: he may be heir to the throne, but she will be ruling the household, at least when Dad's in charge. Another possibility is that she will be thrown off by her father's travels or changing schedule. As a Taurus especially, she craves consistency, and may act out when Daddy is out of town for royal duties. She will definitely demand Will's attention and playful presence when he's back!
Eerie reminders of Diana?William's Cancer moon sign (associated with the mother) is together with Charlotte's Cancer ascendant (which governs appearance and mannerisms). There may be some intense déjà vu moments for William. A gesture, a look or some other subtle thing Charlotte does could remind him viscerally of his beloved mother.

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Waxing full moon babies: Resourceful & determined
Both George and Charlotte were born when the moon was nearly full – what's called a "waxing gibbous moon" in astrology. People born during this lunar phase are said to be unafraid of challenges and lifelong seekers. Both siblings will be driven by a quest to find a higher meaning in their lives. With their royal credibility, they could change the world together.
Jupiter-Ascendant connection: Risk-takers
With George's inspirational Jupiter sitting on Charlotte's ascendant, the two will encourage each other to expand their horizons, travel, study and try new things. While on their own, they could be risk-averse – as companions, they will be an adventurous duo.
Charles & Diana 2.0?
Interestingly, the royal siblings' ascendants (the point that determines their outer personas, mannerisms and appearances) are the same as their grandparents' Sun signs. George has a Scorpio rising (Prince Charles is a Scorpio) and Charlotte has a Cancer rising (Diana was a Cancer – as is the baby's father William, brother George and step-grandmother Camilla Parker Bowles).

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Diana: How would they have gotten along?
Who's the grandma here anyway? Despite being a traditional and maternal Cancer, Diana's chart has some strong rebellious elements to it. She had an adventurous and worldly Sagittarius rising and a youthful Aquarius moon. The moon is associated with female relatives; both Diana's and Charlotte's charts feature airy, curious moon signs. If things got too rigid or structured at home, Diana would have been an understanding confidante, especially during Charlotte's teenage years.

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