A Minnesota judge is expected to formally appoint Bremer Bank to handle Prince's estate
Credit: Adam Bettcher/Getty

Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson and four of the singer’s half-siblings met in court today for a hearing about the music legend’s reported $250 million estate.

The singer’s 55-year-old sister appeared in front of a judge in Chaska, Minnesota, on Monday in a hearing to formally appoint the “special administrator” who will handle Prince’s estate.

A lawyer for Bremer Bank and Trust, the institution appointed to handle the singer’s estate, said that while no will for the singer has been found, the bank is continuing to search for one.

“We are not finding that there’s no will, but that no will has yet been found,” Judge Kevin W. Eide said.

Two of Prince’s half-siblings, Norrine and Sharon Nelson, hugged and chatted at the hearing while the others – Omarr Baker, Alfred Jackson and John Nelson – sat quietly and had very little interaction.

Tyka, Prince’s only full-blooded sibling, had no interaction with the other potential heirs at the hearing.

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Eide said that all heirs involved have “agreed to openly communicate with each other and to have regular communication.”

“None of us has a crystal ball,” the judge said. “We don’t know what claims will be made, but we will address those as they come.”

The Bremer Bank and Trust lawyer said at the hearing that all heirs, except John, signed consent forms to allow Bremer Bank and Trust to handle the estate.

After the hearing, Tyka and Sharon left with a slew of bodyguards who escorted them to waiting cars.

In the days since Prince’s death, speculation arose about what would happen to the 57-year-old music icon’s estate, especially after it was revealed that the singer has no will in place.

Tyka Nelson, filed an emergency petition on April 26 that named herself and the singer’s five half-siblings as potential heirs to his estate.