Prince's bodyguard Chris "Romeo" Gaither told CNN that Prince had normal aches and pains associated with aging

Credit: CROLLALANZA/REX/Shutterstock

Prince‘s longtime bodyguard is firmly challenging reports that the singer was addicted to prescription painkillers at the time of his death – despite DEA involvement in the police investigation.

Chris “Romeo” Gaither, who began working for Prince in 2012, told CNN outside of an invite-only memorial for the iconic star at the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall in Hopkins, Minnesota, on Sunday, that “if anybody had an addiction that would be something you would see.”

“I packed this man’s bag on the daily. I have been on tour with him for months,” he said, adding of any possible problem with painkillers, “That would be something that you would know. That would be something that would show not only through his actions … but through moments when he thinks people were not looking.”

Prince’s cause of death has not been revealed, but an autopsy was conducted the day after his April 21 death. While the medical examiner found “no obvious signs of trauma,” toxicology reports may take weeks to complete.

“As far as him abusing stuff thats not him,” Gaither told CNN. “… Anything he put in his body was healthy. He made sure he cleansed.”

While he admitted that Prince did deal with the normal aches and pains of aging (a source told PEOPLE Prince had hip issues after years of performing), Gaither said, “Nothing ever stopped him from giving all he could for the people that loved him and cherished him.”