Prince William (son of Prince Charles) and Tom and Laura Parker Bowles (children of Charles’ close friend Camilla Parker Bowles) “have become firm friends,” reports Friday’s Daily Mail. The British newspaper recounts a recent evening out that the young trio enjoyed, saying “fun and relaxation were definitely on the menu as they enjoyed themselves at two of the capital’s trendiest restaurants.” They did it up at Foxtrot Oscar in Chelsea — a favorite William hangout — before moving on to a hot spot named K-Bar. (The Mail also contrasted how tense and nerve-racking Charles and Camilla’s “coming out” was last month, compared to the ease with which their children appeared in public.) Prince William, who will turn 17 in June, “has long looked up to 24-year-old Tom,” says the Mail, which says the young prince has had Tom over for coffee at St. James Palace. Prince Harry is also said to enjoy being with the Parker Bowleses. “Tom is a great source of fun for William, because he is so unstuffy,” a friend of Charles and Camilla told the Mail. “Both parents are rather proud that their children have hit it off so well together.”

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